Edmonton Cultural Trust

The Edmonton Cultural Trust Foundation is a not-for-profit organization and sole beneficiary of the Edmonton Galleria. After debt servicing and covering the operational costs of the theatres, excess revenue will flow to the Edmonton Cultural Trust to be used for the sustainability of arts and culture in Edmonton. It is projected that the excess revenue will be significant.

As a new, non-government funder of the arts, the Edmonton Cultural Trust has the advantage of beginning within a city that has an active downtown Arts District and vibrant arts and culture community. These strengths are recognized and will be built upon for the betterment of all Edmontonians. The Edmonton Cultural Trust is overseen by a separate, community-based Board of Trustees.

Funding of the arts using excess revenue from real estate is modeled after the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust.  Established in 1984, the Trust today hosts hundreds of artists, thousands of students and millions of people each year in its theatres, galleries, and public art environments.